Lithium niobate wafer

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Lithium niobate wafer
from G&H

Already since 1967 former Crystal Technology in California and now G&H is manufacturing and develop further lithium niobate wafer. Even today wafer with a diameter of up to 125 mm will be produced, which is the basis for most optical applications.

Lithium niobate (LiNbO3 or LN) is one of the most versaitile and most developed active optical material. This crystal finds it’s need in electro-optics, acousto-optics, non-linear optics and guided wave-optics. To the fundamental attractive characteristics of lithium niobate are: high area of transparency, high electro-optical and non-linear optical coefficient, very high electro-mechanical coupling coefficient as well as high chemical and mechanical stability.

Besides pure LN-wafer we can also provide up to 5% MgO doped LN-wafer.

Important Specifications

ProductItem numberDiameterThicknesscrystal cut1. Marking2. MarkingNoteFinishing page 1Finishing page 2
LN-Wafer 97-00663-0176,2mm1,0mmx-cut+z135° cwpolishedground
LN-Wafer 97-01183-0176,2mm0,5mmx-cut+z135° cw10-5ground
LN-Wafer 99-00629-0176,2mm0,5mmx-cut+z135° cwpolishedpolished
LN-Wafer 99-00630-0176,2mm1,0mmx-cut+z135° cwpolishedpolished
LN-Wafer 97-00567-0176,2mm1,0mmz-cut-y90°ccw10-5ground
LN-Wafer 97-00567-0376,2mm0,5mmz-cut-y90°ccw10-5ground
LN-Wafer 99-00042-0176,2mm0,5mmz-cut-z90° ccwpolishedpolished
LN-Wafer 99-60011-0176,2mm1,0mmz-cut-y90° ccw10-560-30
LN-Wafer 97-01912-01100mm1,0mmx-cut+z135° cw10-5ground
LN-Wafer 97-01763-10100mm1,0mmx-cut+z135° cwlaser marked10-520-10
LN-Wafer 97-01514-10100mm1,0mmz-cut-y90° ccwlaser marked10-520-10
LN-Wafer 97-01517-13100mm0,5mmz-cut-y90°ccw10-520-10
LN-Wafer 97-02604-10125mm1,0mmx-cut+z135° cwlaser marked10-520-10
LN-Wafer 97-02641-10125mm1,0mmz-cut-y90° ccwlaser marked10-520-10
MgO:LN – Wafer 97-02599-0176,2mm1,0mmx-cut+z135° cw4.9%mol MgO10-560-30
MgO:LN – Wafer 97-03044-0176,2mm0,5mmz-cut-y90° ccw5.0%mol MgO10-520-10
MgO:LN – Wafer 97-03044-0276,2mm1,0mmz-cut-y90° ccw5.0%mol MgO10-520-10