Supercontinuum lasers

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Dr. Frank Kubacki

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White Light laser
from YSL Photonics

YSL Photonics supercontinuum lasers – so called white light lasers – are used in several applications in science and industry. There are two different types of technology platforms: “Gain-switched” master-oscillator-power-amplifier (MOPA) lasers and mode-locked systems.
MOPA supercontinuum lasers offer high pulse energies, selectable repetition rates, highest IR-power and a robust simple design. As an alternative, the mode-locked white light lasers show highest power in the visible and blue spectral range.
Diverse plug&play AOTF-systems are available in order to select or tune the wavelength. The portfolio is completed by variable linear filters (VLF) for flexible broadband selection.


  • Science
  • Biophotonics
  • Medical
  • Chemical & Pharma
  • Photonics


  • Microscopy
  • Nanophotonics
  • Optical-coherence-tomography OCT
  • Photoacustics / PAS / OAS
  • Semiconductor inspektion
  • Sorter maschines
  • Fiber inspection
  • Super-resolution-spectroscopy
  • CARS
  • Reflection spectroscopy
  • Transmission spectroscopy
  • Absorption spectroscopy
  • Excitation spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Time-resolved spectroscopy / TCSPC


  • Output power: 1 …20 W
  • Wavelength 400 nm … 2400 nm
  • PCF-Fiber incl. collimator
  • Selectable repetition rate up to 200 MHz
  • Pulse energie >1 µJ (MOPA)
  • Single-Mode-Beam
  • Sync-Trigger Out
  • Extern trigger-in (optional)
  • Synchron emmission up to 8 wavelenghts (option)
  • Wavelength tuning (option),
  • Plug&Play wavelength selection (option)


  • Saving costs: one light source for all wavelengths
  • Replacement of tunable lasers
  • Simple wavelength selection by integrated software
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Short measurement times

Important Specifications

Item numberTypeOutput power
VIS Power
Pulse duration fundamental
PCF fiber length
primary application
SC-OEMgain-switched81430…2400100 (50)0,01…2001,5OEM – without Display
SC-PROgain-switched81430…2400100 (50)0,01…2001,5STED, Spectroscopy
SC-PRO-M-20mode-locked1,50,5410…24006201,5Spectroscopy, Microscopy
SC-PRO-M-40mode-locked3,51410…24006401,5 Spectroscopy, Microscopy
SC-PRO-M-80mode-locked72410…24006801,5 Spectroscopy, Microscopy
SC-PRO-M-40-PPmode-locked3,51410…240060,01…401,5 Spectroscopy, Microscopy
SC-OCTgain-switched0,05650…950010010FC Stecker für SMGOCT
SC-PRO-Dualgain-switched5 / 80,7400…2400 / 1064100 (50)0,01…2001,5CARS