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from Excelitas

Excelitas, our longterm partner in the field of Xenon- and Krypton-Flashlamps, offers a wide selection of high performing & stable lamp solutions for lasers applications in industry, meditec and science.

Excelitas has an extensive range of lamp shapes for a wealth of applications in industry, professional photography, sun simulation, warning lights, stroboscopic applications through to IPL cosmetics. The lamp program is rounded off by a diverse range of trigger coils / trigger transformers.

To meet the demands of laser technology, Excelitas manufactures high-power air- and water-cooled laser pump lamps for CW lasers and lasers with long, high-energy pulses – xenon and krypton-filled flash and arc lamps, with and without cerium doping, are used for this purpose.

Custom-built lamps

Excelitas also offers the possibility to manufacture, for example, customized laser lamps. A suitable choice of connection contacts, as well as the arc length and the total length, the lamp is optimally designed for the corresponding application. The typical designations of a laser lamp are shown in the following picture:


The optimum solution can be calcualted with a special developed simulation program. To clarify the technical feasibility, we need from you following informations:

  • Ring-shaped lamps: Voltage, Current, lamp size, Quartz material, connecting contacts
  • Flashlamps: Voltage, Current, lamp size, Quartz material, connecting contacts, Pulse characteristics, Repetition rate and kind of triggering

In case you have a concrete project, please fill out this form: Excelitas_LampDesign.pdf!