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from Excelitas

Excelitas, our longtime partner in the field of flashlamps offeres a wide selection of high performing & stable lamp solutions for laser applications in industry, medical and science.

Excelitas is still producing – no matter if single-piece for R&D or serial production – each single lamp in a precise hand-made glass blowing work under high quality standards as per ISO.

For cw solid-state lasers and applications with long and high-energy pulses, flash- and ring shaped lamps filled with Krypton will be used – with or without Cerium doping. Besides, more and more Xenon-filled flash lamps are finding their way for multiple applications and for varying conditions under the designations:

  • QCW lamps: liquid-cooled Krypton lamps for cw solid-state lasers
  • QJK lamps: liquid-cooled Krypton lamps for pulses up to 20ms
  • QXF lamps: liquid-cooled Xenon lamps for pulses in µs-ms-range middle and high power
  • QXA lamps: air-cooled Xenon lamps

Custom-built lamps

To adress industries need, Excelitas offeres to custom-built lamps. With the suitable joice of the connecting contacts as well as the ring shape length and total length, the lamp will be designed upon the particular application. Following picture shows the typical description:


The optimum solution can be calcualted with a special developed simulation program. To clarify the technical feasibility, we need from you follwoing informations:

  • Ring-shaped lamps: Voltage, Current, lamp size, Quartz material, connecting contacts
  • Flash lamps: Voltage, Current, lamp size, Quartz material, connecting contacts, Pulse characteristics, Repetition rate and kind of trggering

In case you have a concrete project, please fill out this form: Excelitas_LampDesign.pdf!