Single Photon Counting

Aurea’s turn-key-solutions for single photon counting detection is notable for its easy handling. The integrated readout-electronic and -software provides quick and simple results in “gated” as well as in “free running” mode. For visible wavelength range Si-diodes will be used, while for near infrared from 900 to 1.700nm InGaAs/InP Geiger-Mode APDs are available.

The system of the SPD-series provide compact solutions, while with the LYNXEA-series additionally a time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) is available.

The product range will be completed by picosecond diode lasers and twin-photon-sources (TPS) for quantum information technology.

Overview Single photon counters

Item number Product Lower Wavelength
Upper Wavelength
SPD_OEM_NIR_C NIR Single photon counter 900 1700
SPD_OEM_VIS_C VIS Single photon counter 400 1060
LYNXEA_NIR_C NIR TCSPC-System 900 1700
LYNXEA_VIS_C VIS TCSPC-System 400 1060

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