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Dr. Frank Kubacki

Dr. Frank Kubacki

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von Bakman

Bakman Technologies manufactures portable, frequency domain THZ spectrometers, components and multi-pass sample cells. The instruments based on solid semiconductor technology and are primarily used for material characterization and molecular spectroscopy. We offer both single and dual-channel systems as well as systems with integrated phase control capability.


  • Science & Photonics
  • Chemical & Pharma Industry


  • Materials characterisation
  • Gas analysis
  • Reflection spectroscopy
  • Transmission spectroscopy
  • Absorption spectroscopy


  • Turnkey System with pre-aligned hardware and integrated software
  • Cost-optimized design based on proven semiconductor technology
  • Portable using built-in Li Ion battery with up to 1
  • hours of continuous use
  • Continueous rapid scanning from 100 GHz to 1.8 THz
  • Robust fibre-coupled source and detector heads
  • Room temperature operation – no cryogenics required
  • Integrated lock-in amplifier
  • Low-cost OEM versions available on request


  • solid (measurements during drone flight)
  • reliable (using telecordia qualified lasers)
  • compact (23x23x8 cm)
  • light (2 kg optional)
  • battery driven

Important Specifications

Item numberTypeTuning range
Spectral resolution
Dynamic range
[dB Hz]
Bakman PB7220 2000 TTransmission0,1 … 20,1540…70
Bakman PB7220 2000 TRDUAL – Transmission and Reflexion0,1 … 20,1540…70