Si-Photomultiplier – SiPM

Si-Photomultiplier – SiPM

Silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) are semiconductor components for the highly sensitive detection of light. SiPMs consist of an (not individually addressable) array of miniaturized single photon avalanche diodes (SPAD). Even individual photons can be detected – as known from photomultiplier tubes. The size, operating conditions and costs largely correspond to simple photodiodes.
Broadcom Si photomultipliers enable the construction of inexpensive and compact devices. The smallest amounts of light can be measured using simple readout electronics, since there is already an intrinsic amplification of 10e6. With an operating voltage of approx. 30…50 V, a cost-effective and simple system design is possible even in potentially explosive areas.
For radiation detection technology, we recommend the components of the NUV-MT series, which are optimized for the blue and visible spectral range. The NIR series is characterized by a high photon detection efficiency (PDE) in the red and near infrared and therefore it is ideally suited for lidar applications.


  • Nucleonics
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Biosphotonics
  • Security
  • Metrology
  • Science


  • Dosimeter
  • Spectroscopy
  • Matrial inspection
  • Level measurement
  • High-energy-physics
  • PET
  • Oil-logging MWD / LWD
  • Isotope determination
  • Food analysis


  • Peak-PDE>60% (29% at 905nm)
  • High uniformity
  • High dynamic range >6000 Micro cells/mm (NIR)
  • Fast recovery time ~15 ns (NIR)
  • Best-in-class SNR
  • Single detector and Array versions
  • Automotive qualification


  • Compact Size
  • Low cost solution
  • Accurate and fast measurements
  • Reliable semiconductor technology
  • Useable in magnet fields
  • Long lifetime at harsh operating conditions

Important Specifications

Part NumberType# PixelSize [mm]Peak PDE [%]GainTau [ns]V_break [V]
AFBR-S4N22P014MSingle detector12 x 263 @ 420 nm7,3 M5532,5
AFBR-S4N44P014MSingle detector14 x 463 @ 420 nm7,3 M5532,5
AFBR-S4N66P014MSingle detector16 x 663 @ 420 nm7,3 M5532,5
AFBR-S4N66P024MArray26 x 1263 @ 420 nm7,3 M5532,5
AFBR-S4N44P044MArray2 x 28 x 863 @ 420 nm7,3 M5532,5
AFBR-S4N44P164MArray4 x 416 x 1663 @ 420 nm7,3 M5532,5
AFBR-S4KTIA3315BSiPM mit TIA13 x 331 @ 430 nm
AFBR-S4P11P012RSingle detector21 x 1>37 @ 750 nm340 k< 1536,5
AFBR-S4P0124P2RAArray1 x 241.1 x 6>37 @ 750 nm340 k< 15contact EQ

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