The team of EQ Photonics

Harald Sittenauer

Harald looks back on a 30+ year experience in laser and opto-electronic. After his technical education and several years hands-on experience in high-frequency-technology his career took him to the laser & opto-electronic industry. Before Co-founding EQ Photonics GmbH in 2000, Harald had several managing positions in distributor companies & manufacturers, for example five years at KONTRON Phystech GmbH and ten years at Ortel Vertriebs-GmbH as Operations Manager.

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Franz Schwarzbauer

Franz, the other Co-founder of EQ Photonics GmbH, graduated in high-frequency-technology at TU München and started his sales career at KONTRON Phystech GmbH. As Co-CEO he is supervising the product lines flash lamps and acousto-optical components.

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Oliver Löbbecke

Oliver Löbbecke studied physics at Leibniz University Hannover and ETH Zurich. He commenced his career as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company in Zurich after graduation. At Sennheiser, he held various management positions and led the consumer headphone division. Later, he became a Director in the operations team at Mutares. Since mid-2023 he assumed the role of Managing Director at EQ Photonics.

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Dr. Frank Kubacki

Frank graduated at the University of Dortmund in physics and received his PhD in semiconductors in Bremen. Since 1995 Frank worked in sales, productline management, business development and innovation management in leading companies in laser and optic industry. 2011 he joined EQ Photonics GmbH, where he is responsible for sales and innovation management of several detector products and light sources.

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Dr. Christian Hess

Christian studied electrical engineering and his doctoral thesis related about spectral photometry by using optical semiconductors. Since 1991 he is selling opto-electrical components and 2009 he joined EQ Photonics GmbH and is in charge with analytics and sensors.

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Jihui Song

Originally from China, Jihui Song studied in Germany and started his career at Laserline. His intercultural background and academic training form the basis for his in-depth understanding of the industry. During his studies, he focused on the study of semiconductor and fiber lasers and their applications. With more than 12 years of practical experience, he has a wide range of skills and knowledge. Since 2024, he has been working in sales at EQ Photonics of laser material processing.

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Andreas Nendel

After his apprenticeship, he went on to study optoelectronics and completed his studies in Munich. He held various positions at TOPTICA Photonics, from development and production to international service and quality management. During these 16 years, he continued to established his broad and well-founded knowledge, both practical and theoretical. The intersection and basis for sales were thus laid in order to tackle even technically demanding inquiries. He has now been working in sales at EQ Photonics since 2024.

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Maria Lohner

Maria is part of EQ Photonics GmbH since the company was founded back in 2000 and works as Team Assistant. Her responsibilities are order processing and other administrative tasks.

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Sonja Vicari

Since 2001 Sonja works in Accounting and Marketing and takes care of organisational duties, such as exhibitions and shows.

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