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Dr. Frank Kubacki

Dr. Frank Kubacki

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Scintillation Crystals
from Kinheng Crystal

Kinheng Crystal is a leading supplier of scintillation crystals for radiation detection. In-house radiation sources are used to guarantee the high quality of the scintillators. A special focus is on the development and production of NaI(Tl) ,CsI(Tl), LaBr3, LuAG and GAGG in various geometries – available as single crystals and arrays.
Other crystals complete the portfolio. Please tell us your target specification.


  • Nucleonics
  • Medical
  • Security
  • Gas & Oil
  • Science


  • Dosimeter
  • Spectroscopy
  • Material inspection
  • Level measurement
  • High-energy-physics
  • PET
  • Oil-logging MWD / LWD
  • Isotope determination
  • Food analysis


  • Bridgman growth for high quantities
  • Czochralski growth for best performance (energy resolution, uniformity …)


  • High volume manufacturing capacity
  • Customer-specific geometries

Important Specifications

Crystal Description
CsI(Tl) Spectral emission optimized for SiPM and PD,
Low afterglow,
FWHM 6-7,5% Cs137 662 keV
NaI(Tl) Best light yield,
Broad temperature range,
Size up to 300mm
GAGG:Ce Highest light output of all oxides,
Best detektion effiziency,
Non hygroscopic,
Low afterglow,
Short decay time
LaBr3:Ce Best energy resolution,
High light yield