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New DFB laser for H2O and CO2 detection

NL2683-T37 is a new DFB laser diode from our supplier Norcada located in Canada. The diode emits at a wavelength of 2683 nm. There are H2O and CO2 lines that are close to 2683 nm and can both be covered by the same 2683nm laser. Output power of the laser diode is 3.5 mW at 165 mA and 25 °C. We can offer the laser in TO37 or TO39 packages, which include TEC and thermistor. A version with aspheric AR coated lens is optional available.


Thanks for your interest on CW Fiber lasers from our partner Maxphotonics!

EQ Photonics is authorised technical distributor for Broadcom’s sensor products

The sensor products from the Broadcom Industrial and Fibre products division have been served by EQ Photonics as authorised technical distributor since 2022. The focus is on the pyroelectric sensors, the silicon photomultipliers and the time of flight products. Adress questions to Dr. Christian Hess and Dr. Frank Kubacki if you are interested.

New laser diodes from Wavespectrum at 375 and 395 nm

Wavespectrum Laserdiode introduces two new laser diodes with wavelengths 375 nm and 395 nm. The wavelength tolerance is ±10 nm. The multimode diodes are assembled in an TO18 package and emit typical output power 150 mW (375 nm) and 300 mW (395 nm). The diodes have the part numbers WSLD-375-150m-1 and WSLD-395-300m-1. Applications for these diodes are sensing, printing, medical laser treatment and others.

Rackmount fiber lasers now available with up to 4 kW output power

The new W-series of Rackmount CW fiber lasers are now available with an output power of up to 4 kW, while each laser of the W-series has a power redundancy of 5%. Plus, the W-series comes now - like the PRO-series - with Performance level d (DIN EN ISO 13849-1) and the new G5 fiber connector (QBH optional). What hasn't changed is the very attractive price-performance-ratio and the ability to service each laser from Maxphotonics locally!


EQ Photonics booths at ANGA in Cologne as well as at SENSOR+TEST in Nuernberg- both exhibitions took place in May 2022 - showed great customer response. Thank you for your visit!

LASER – World of Photonics 2022

Many thanks to all visitors on our booth during LASER - World of Photonics 2022. Interesting discussions to exciting projects in a pleasant atmosphere made this show to a success!

Article in LASER MAGAZIN – Fiber Laser from Maxphotonics

Interesting article about our partnership with Maxphotonics and the development of the new Fiber Lasers PRO-Series for the European market.

Kinheng opens a new factory for large scale scintillator production

There is exciting news from our partner Kinheng. The scintillation-crystal specialist opened a new 3500 square meters factory for crystal growth, including precision mechanics, surface treatment and encapsulation. Now, Kinheng has more than 70 Bridgman and Czochralski furnaces under operation. The production is focused on NaI(Tl) and CsI(Tl). In addition, they offer LYSO, GAGG, LuAG:Ce, LuAG:Pr, CsI(Na), BGO, LaBr3 and other crystals for high energy physics, nuclear medical imaging, oil logging, radiation detection instrumentation and environmental protection. Kinheng manufactures standard sizes as well as customized products. A new technology development enables large crucibles up to diameter 550 mm. Please feel free to contact Dr. Frank Kubacki

New OEM CW Laser Diode Driver LDD-1303 available!

LDD-1303 is a current source designed to precision-drive laser diodes in continuous wave applications. Its power converter topology allows for an output voltage smaller, equal, or larger than the input voltage. This enables the LDD to drive laser diodes with up to 120 V compliance voltage and 20 A from a single 48 V power supply. Please contact Christian Hess in case you have any questions or request a quote!