News & Exhibitions

New CW laser diode driver for low-current applications

With the LDD-1321, we expand our laser diode driver portfolio to the low-current area. The most important features:
  • Output current: 0 - 1.5 A
  • Output voltage: 0 - 14 V
  • DC input voltage: 12 - 24 V
  • Interfaces: USB, RS485, RS232 TTL, I/O, (CANopen)
  • Digital control: Via meCom-protocol, free of charge PC software and API
  • Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 20 mm
Thanks to the many communication interfaces, this device can be easily integrated into various systems. In addition, there will soon be a possibility to piggyback a TEC Controller on the LDD-1321.

VCSEL-specific spectrometers

OtO Photonics is launching the Merak Series (MR) spectrometers, which adopt a transmission grating and a fully transmissive Czerny-Turner optical design to deliver high resolution, high sensitivity, low dispersion, and high-speed spectrum response. This series also features an improved integrated body and built-in LED indicators. It employs patented alignment mechanism to deliver optimum (0.1 nm) optical resolution to address the needs of high-resolution and high-sensitivity measurements. The MR series has a wavelength range of 830 - 970 nm, with a resolution <0.1 nm. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for VCSEL characterisation.  

Dubhe (DB) spectrometers for optical coherence tomography

Dubhe (DB-series) spectrometers are designed for the high-resolution, high-sensitivity measurements required by optical coherence tomography (OCT). This new series features a transmissive optical design with an improved integrated body, employing patented alignment mechanism to deliver ultra-high (0.04 nm) optical resolution in the range from 800 - 880nm. It is available in two versions with different CMOS camera max line rates: 80 kHz or 20 kHz. The DB series uses a transmission grating and a fully transmissive Czerny-Turner optical design to deliver high optical resolution, high sensitivity, low dispersion, and high-speed spectrum response.

Phekda-series ultra-high-resolution compact spectrometers

OtO Photonics releases the Phekda (PD-series) ultra-high-resolution general-purpose micro-spectrometers, featuring a T-R-T (transmissive-reflective-transmissive) optical design with resolutions up to 0.1nm to address the needs of ultra-high-resolution measurements under narrow wavelength ranges. The innovative T-R-T design provides the flexibility of highly customizable wavelength ranges. You can choose the range in the VIS or NIR (within limits of 400 - 1000 nm or 900 - 1700 nm) to fit the specific needs. The PD-series is used in various applications such as optical coherence tomography, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), VCSEL source characterization, and Raman spectroscopy.

Semiconductor optical amplifiers for precise metrology

DenseLight has developed a variety of semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) products in the C-band, L-band and O-band wavelength ranges for the optical communication, lidar and sensing markets. They are available as a cost-effective chip-on-submount version (type DL-SOA55020C-320-HDP-45-2) for large volume or in an easy-to-use fiber-coupled butterfly package (type DL-SOA55014A-HDP-45). The devices show a typical gain of 20dB and at the same time low noise of < 8dB over 45 nm operation bandwidth. DenseLight also provides SOA flip-chip customization services for silicon photonics platforms.

2 mJ ultrashort pulse laser FemtoYL for flexible materials processing

YSL Photonics ps and fs lasers are used in solar cell production as well as in scientific applications. The new FemtoYL2-100 emits 6 ps to 400 fs short laser pulses at 1030 nm with a flexible repetition rate of 25 kHz to 5 MHz. The pulse energy of 300 µJ can be increased to 2 mJ in burst mode for precise micromachining.

125 W pulsed laser diode in SMD Package

The Excelitas TPGAD series offers pulsed semiconductor lasers in a cost-effective SMD package that was specially developed for high-volume distance measurement and LiDAR applications. The output power of the 905 nm diode lasers is 18 W to 125 W - at a maximum pulse length of 100 ns and 0.1% duty cycle. Easy system integration is given by the compact size of only 2x2x3.5 mm. The mechanical design is further optimized for the integration of the lasers by providing high-precision reference surfaces for assembly.

New NUV-MT-series Si-photomultipliers offer leading PDE

EQ Photonics shows the latest generation of UV-blue sensitive Si-photomultipliers - so called NUV-MT series - at the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg. These Broadcom devices allow customers to achieve best-in-class performance in their applications like, PET, radiation detection, high energy physics and astrophysics or flow cytometry. NUV-MT Si-photomultipliers offer industry leading PDE of 63%, low DCR, crosstalk and afterpulsing. The 2x2 mm, 4x4 mm and 6x6 mm devices show an excellent gain (7x106) and gain stability (dG/dT ~ 1.5x104). Various single pixels and array configurations are available in overmolded PCB packages. All parts are characterized by an exceptional degree of component uniformity.  

Doubling the PDE with the new NIR30-series Si-photomultipliers

EQ Photonics is presenting the new Broadcom NIR30-series at the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg. These Si-photomultipliers particularly focuses on the detection of light in the red to near-infrared spectral range for applications in biophotonics, industrial distance measurements and analytics. Delivery of the SiPMs starts in the summer. Special highlights are the high PDE of 29% @ 905 nm, short recovery times of 16ns and a high dynamic range with over 6000 microcells per mm². The 1x1-mm Si-Photomultipliers come in a molded leadframe package and the linear 1x12(24) arrays in an automotive OQFN package. Both products are characterized by a high degree of component uniformity.  

Distance and motion 1D/3D Sensors

EQ Photonics introduces Broadcom's AFBR-S50-series sensors for high speed and high accuracy distance and motion measurements. These time-of-flight modules uses highly sensitive 32 pixels detectors with various optics and laser configurations inside. With frame rates up to 3 kHz the AFBR-S50-sensors are fast tools to be used in robotics, autonomous mobile vehicles, drones and automation instruments. A video shows a typical application in a drone. They cover distances from ~0.01 to 50m and a field-of-view from ~0.4°x0.4° up to 12° x 6°. These time-of-flight sensors operate even under sunlight (100kLux) conditions. Easy system integration is given by a very compact size of approx. 12 x 8 x 8 mm, a simple 5V voltage supply and an integrated clock source . Data transfer is done via SPI.