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TOF Distance and motion sensors, Electro Optics Webinar on June 4th, 16:00 CET

  Please register and participate in at   The AFBR-S50 optical sensor modules are multi-pixel distance and motion measurement devices based on the indirect Time-of-Flight (iTOF) principle. In this webinar we will present the Broadcom AFBR-S50 TOF-sensor family, how it works, and how it helps you to solve your sensing problems. Following an introduction to the working principle, we will present the technology, which has been specifically developed for industrial applications which need high speeds, excellent accuracy, small size and reliable distance readings. You will learn how our sophisticated ambient light suppression techniques enable the use our sensors in outside environments (including in full sunlight) and you will see that the sensor produces reliable measurements against white, black, and coloured target surfaces as well as metallic and retro-reflective surfaces. To conclude, we will show some typical applications and use-cases and how the AFBR-S50 sensors  can be applied to solving specific and real-world problems.

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Hydrogen fluoride detection with 2476 nm DFB laser diodes

Hydrogen fluoride (HF) is a very poisonous gas. Therefore, it is very important to detect it in small traces. The laser manufacturer Norcada from Canada, represented in Europe by EQ Photonics, introduced a DFB laser diode with emission wavelength 1278 nm which is optimized for HF detection. The laser diode is assembled in a TO39 package with TEC and thermistor. The typical optical power is 10 mW. A variant with collimation lens is available as well. Here you get a beam diameter below 4 mm in distance of 2 meters. Further available for HF detection stay the 2476 nm DFB laser diodes without or with lens.

1550nm Ultra-Narrow Linewidth (3 kHz) Laser for OTDR

The DenseLight BF21-“MicroPhotonic MatchBox”-Series consists of highly integrated laser modules with a small form factor of only 88x100x22mm. The narrow linewidth emission of less than 3 kHz (optional up to 100 kHz) enables high precision optical metrology & instrumentation such as temperature (DTS, B-ODTR), moisture, stress or elongation measurements. The BF21 is complete with a DenseLight diode laser, integrated laser driver & temperature controller. For further information please contact Dr. Frank Kubacki (phone +49 811 998 707 27, email

Cost-effective diode laser for Methane / Ammonia gas sensing

Denselight DFB lasers are available in fiber-pigtailed versions as well as lensed TO packages. The new DS-DF6101T2C-1653.7 comes in a cost-effective and compact TO60-can including cooling. Its center wavelength of 1653.7nm and an output power of 10mW allows the design of accurate Methane sensors. Lasers with center wavelength of 1512nm for Ammonia detection are available on request. For further information please contact Dr. Frank Kubacki (phone +49 811 998 707 27, email
Single channel Laserdiode Driver for CW Operation|Maximum laserdiode current of 1

New CW laser diode driver for low-current applications

With the LDD-1321, we expand our laser diode driver portfolio to the low-current area. The most important features:
  • Output current: 0 - 1.5 A
  • Output voltage: 0 - 14 V
  • DC input voltage: 12 - 24 V
  • Interfaces: USB, RS485, RS232 TTL, I/O, (CANopen)
  • Digital control: Via meCom-protocol, free of charge PC software and API
  • Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 20 mm
Thanks to the many communication interfaces, this device can be easily integrated into various systems. In addition, there will soon be a possibility to piggyback a TEC Controller on the LDD-1321.

VCSEL-specific spectrometers

OtO Photonics is launching the Merak Series (MR) spectrometers, which adopt a transmission grating and a fully transmissive Czerny-Turner optical design to deliver high resolution, high sensitivity, low dispersion, and high-speed spectrum response. This series also features an improved integrated body and built-in LED indicators. It employs patented alignment mechanism to deliver optimum (0.1 nm) optical resolution to address the needs of high-resolution and high-sensitivity measurements. The MR series has a wavelength range of 830 - 970 nm, with a resolution <0.1 nm. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for VCSEL characterisation.  

Dubhe (DB) spectrometers for optical coherence tomography

Dubhe (DB-series) spectrometers are designed for the high-resolution, high-sensitivity measurements required by optical coherence tomography (OCT). This new series features a transmissive optical design with an improved integrated body, employing patented alignment mechanism to deliver ultra-high (0.04 nm) optical resolution in the range from 800 - 880nm. It is available in two versions with different CMOS camera max line rates: 80 kHz or 20 kHz. The DB series uses a transmission grating and a fully transmissive Czerny-Turner optical design to deliver high optical resolution, high sensitivity, low dispersion, and high-speed spectrum response.

Phekda-series ultra-high-resolution compact spectrometers

OtO Photonics releases the Phekda (PD-series) ultra-high-resolution general-purpose micro-spectrometers, featuring a T-R-T (transmissive-reflective-transmissive) optical design with resolutions up to 0.1nm to address the needs of ultra-high-resolution measurements under narrow wavelength ranges. The innovative T-R-T design provides the flexibility of highly customizable wavelength ranges. You can choose the range in the VIS or NIR (within limits of 400 - 1000 nm or 900 - 1700 nm) to fit the specific needs. The PD-series is used in various applications such as optical coherence tomography, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), VCSEL source characterization, and Raman spectroscopy.

Semiconductor optical amplifiers for precise metrology

DenseLight has developed a variety of semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) products in the C-band, L-band and O-band wavelength ranges for the optical communication, lidar and sensing markets. They are available as a cost-effective chip-on-submount version (type DL-SOA55020C-320-HDP-45-2) for large volume or in an easy-to-use fiber-coupled butterfly package (type DL-SOA55014A-HDP-45). The devices show a typical gain of 20dB and at the same time low noise of < 8dB over 45 nm operation bandwidth. DenseLight also provides SOA flip-chip customization services for silicon photonics platforms.